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Holy shit…!


Holy shit…!

"I do believe in the power of story. I believe that stories have an important role to play in the formation of human beings, that they can stimulate, amaze and inspire their listeners." - Hayao Miyazaki

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best video i have seen all year…bahahahah


RIP Shirley Temple Black
April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014


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…And I thought Link liked Mario…

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Frutera en Richmond. September 18, 2013. Richmond, CA. 

La Señora Que Vende Fruta. La Frutera. La Señora con el Carrito. La Señora.

They are many different names people call out to Juana Raquel as she pushes her green wooden home built cart throughout the Central Richmond neighborhoods. Children pull back peach colored curtains and wave from second story apartments for Juana to stop at their apartments. Regular customers greet Juana in a friendly manner and ask about her day; and construction workers, off break, choose the nice cold raspado, flavored fruit syrup poured over shaved ice- to cool down. Juana Raquel is a frutera, a food and fruit vendor. Her cart, sturdy, compact and maneuverable on two rubber wheels holds what she needs for a day’s worth of sales: Underneath piles of ice lies bags of cucumber, mango, watermelon and jicama. On the counter of the cart, Juana has two coolers, one for the block of ice she scrapes and the other for boiled corn. Chile powder; chamoy, and vanilla, strawberry and bubblegum syrup are at Juana’s disposal. Inside the hollowed cart are bags filled generously with fried puffy chips.

-Edgardo Antonio, september 18, 2013


richmond, repersent. although.. i aint never seen her

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every time i see this i pee myself 



every time i see this i pee myself 

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